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The Arm Strength You Always Wanted

Tue, 04/06/2010 - 10:01am

The Positech Corporation (Laurens, IA) has redesigned its ReactionArm industrial manipulator under the Positech brand name. The ReactionArm is a pneumatic torque reaction arm that absorbs shock, torsional forces, and impact forces from power tools — this helps reduce carpal tunnel injury and cumulative trauma disorders. Other features include:

  • The capability to lift up to 500 pounds with a torque capacity of up to 2,212 foot pounds.
  • A low-maintenance design that does not require an air lubricator, requiring only 90 psi of clean, dry air.
  • The ability to mount the ReactionArm overhead, on a trolley, pedestal, wall, or mobile/portable base.
  • Many other options, including vertical axis brakes, pistol grip or ergonomic twist grip controls, and Remote Start Circuitry.

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