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Clean Up Busy Spills

Mon, 03/15/2010 - 9:45am

New Pig Corporation (Tipton, PA) introduces the tough PIG® RHINO™ Absorbent Mat, designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic while soaking up liquid and minimizing slips. Features include:

  • A thermally bonded, spunbond polypropylene top layer with zig-zag stitching to enhance strength and resist wear and tear. Eight layers of highly absorbent fine-fiber polypropylene, forming the Mat’s base.
  • An exclusive dimple pattern, which speeds wicking of liquids throughout the Mat.
  • Availability with or without poly backing to prevent absorbed liquids from reaching floors.
  • The ability to be wrung out to reclaim process liquids, and incinerated after use to better manage waste streams.

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