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Go Tubeless For Reliability

Mon, 10/05/2009 - 7:44am

The new NF600 self-priming diaphragm pump from KNF (Trenton, NJ) has been designed for dosing or transferring liquids and incorporates a four-diaphragm technology to promote smoother and continuous flow, quiet-running performance, and maximized efficiency, according to the company. Additional features include:

  • A compact size, as small as 135 x 111 x 105mm.
  • A nominal flow rate of 6 l/min, suction height of 8.8 in. Hg, and pressure up to 15 psig.
  • Three available motor types: AC, brush-commutated DC, or brushless DC.
  • A tubeless design to eliminate pump failure due to tubing fatigue or rupture.
  • A corrosion-resistant PP/PVDF/FFPM/PTFE envelope that can handle acids, caustics, and other harsh materials.


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