Farr Air Pollution Control (APC, Jonesboro, AR) introduces an updated portable dust and fume collector that combines three-stage filtration with versatility. The Zephyr® III collector comes with a choice of three main filters, and is ideal for welding fumes, grinding dusts, or soldering fumes. Additional features include:

  • Large wheels and brakes for easy movement and positioning.
  • A three-stage filtration process: a metal filter that functions as a spark trap, a main filter for particle removal, and a carbon filter for odors and gases.
  • A new quick-clamp system for reliable cartridge sealing and ease of removal.
  • An airflow capacity of 700 cfm at the capture hood (1,250 cfm free air).
  • A durable powder-coated surface finish, inside and out.

For more information on the Zephyr III, visit Farr online at