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Factory Fresh Air

February 11, 2002 8:03 am | by Joy LePree, Contributing Editor

Experts say recent IAQ-related industrial incidents demonstrate the importance of checking and improving air quality on the factory floor. Here are some considerations and procedures for making sure your plant's IAQ is A-OK. Indoor air quality - IAQ - is a common concern for facility managers and occupants in commercial buildings.


W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.: Quality's Different Drummer

January 14, 2002 10:17 am | by Rick Carter, Editor-in-Chief

Associates at the company's Elkton, MD-based sealants division say the extraordinary things you've heard about this manufacturer are true. Just don't expect a look at the plant - unless you're good enough to be hired. Some companies go by the book and do great things. Others write their own book and also do great things.


Speed Profiling Features in Standard Drives Offer Flexibility For Material Handling Systems

January 14, 2002 6:50 am | by Glenn Frazier,Drives Product Marketing Specialist, and Rod Dorschner, General Motion Control Product Marketing Specialist

It is easy to understand how users might confuse speed profiling and motion control. Both technologies involve a form of positioning. When deciding which form to implement, a user should understand the key differences and application environments. Motion control is the science of precisely positioning the movements of a machine without human intervention.


Pump Manufacturer Boosts Machining Productivity With Super-Fine Coolant Cleaner

January 14, 2002 6:43 am

Almost three years ago, Bill Wanner and Payton Hage, co-owners of pump manufacturer Wanner Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, decided to buy highly automated machining systems. According to Hage, president, flexibility was a critical factor. The 25-year old company needed the flexibility and productivity provided by such a system to outpace their competition and remain responsive to customers' delivery requirements.


MRO Adhesive Options

December 10, 2001 5:14 am | by Robert Valitsky, Applications EngineerLoctite Corp..

Potentially the most underutilized and misunderstood tool in industrial maintenance today, adhesives have the capacity to improve equipment reliability, lower operating costs and save large amounts of time and money if used correctly. The "when, where and how" of adhesive use is essential; but perhaps even more important, with all of today's choices, is first answering the question: "which?" Within the substantial variety of modern adhesives, MRO options can be divided into the following six groups.


Women In Industry: The Challenge of Succeeding in a Non-Traditional Environment

December 10, 2001 5:11 am | by Joy LePree, Contributing Editor

Experts estimate that women make up almost half - about 46% - of the U.S. workforce. While it's difficult to get a headcount on the number of females working in "non-traditional" environments like manufacturing, science and engineering, it is generally believed that the ranks of women in these industries is growing, though well under half.


Foundry Expects $2 Million Savings from New Furnace Refractory Material

November 8, 2001 9:32 am

Switching to a new refractory material is expected to save General Aluminum Manufacturing and Metalloy, Conneaut, OH, more than $2 million in costs associated with relining its furnaces. With the previous refractory, furnaces needed to be relined every two years at a cost of $175,000 per furnace for materials and labor.


Advanced Heat Exchanger Design Improves Compressed Air Dryer Systems

November 8, 2001 9:29 am | by John Bergh, vice president / engineering, ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions

Moisture, oils, vapors, and other contaminants in industrial compressed air systems have long been a costly problem that negatively affect the efficiency of pneumatically operated appliances, controls, instruments, machinery, and tools, and reduces the service life of motors, air tools and cylinders.


School Chooses Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roof for Durability, Energy Efficiency

November 8, 2001 9:17 am

Computer Dynamics Institute, a private business school in Virginia Beach, VA, has occupied a 17,500-sq.-ft., 20-year-old building for nine years. Recently, the building was experiencing leakage problems with its 20,000 sq. ft built-up roof (BUR). Although this was the building's second roof, it was leaking in as many as 30 places.

The Evolution of E-Commerce

November 8, 2001 9:15 am

For MRO distributors, E-commerce has been perceived as everything from threat to saving grace. In the process, it has become an integral part of modern supply management. Here's how it got there. Nancy Syverson, Managing Editor For some time, the $450 billion MRO distribution industry has wrestled with the issue of e-commerce.


Food Distributor Expects Greater Safety, Time Savings from Loading-Dock Door Sensors

October 9, 2001 7:28 am

WinCo Foods, a Portland, OR-based food distributor, recently installed safety door contacts on the loading dock doors of its distribution center in Woodburn, OR. The contacts, designed to remote-control dock levelers, are made by Sentrol Industrial, a Tualatin, OR-based maker of non-contact safety interlock switches for industrial applications.


Infrared Gas Heaters Improve Work Environment for Aviation Maintenance Crew

October 9, 2001 7:28 am

Austin Jet International in Horseshoe Bay, TX, is located in the center of the triangle created by Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Its three-hangar, 12,500-sq.-ft. facility is a Federal Aviation Administration repair station. Employees who work in the hangar provide clients with a variety of maintenance services, including scheduled inspections, parts, inventory, engine overhaul and non-routine maintenance.

Baxter Mountain Home: A Small-Town's Claim to World-Class Fame

October 9, 2001 7:27 am | by Rick Carter, Editor-in-Chief

Baxter Healthcare, the giant, Illinois-based healthcare-product manufacturer, runs other award-winning facilities, but its Mountain Home plant in northern Arkansas may be the most exceptional. Here's why. Plant manager Vick Crawley matter-of-factly explains the numerous achievements of his Baxter Healthcare facility in Mountain Home, AR, as if he's done it many times before.


Software Solutions Can Simplify On-Site Compliance

September 10, 2001 7:56 am | by Dave Dively, Director of Sales and Marketing, Corbus-PA

If OSHA paid a visit and decided to give your employees a pop quiz regarding the location of a particular MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), would they pass? Do you know how many pounds of each EPA-reportable chemical ingredient are located within your facility? Hopefully you've answered a firm and accurate "yes" to both of these questions.


Oil Skimmers Keep Winnebago Production Running Clean

September 10, 2001 7:48 am

The Winnebago name is associated with quality recreational vehicles. Based in Forest City, IA, Winnebago Industries builds motor homes under the Winnebago, Itasca, Rialta and Ultimate brand names, and markets them to dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Motor home sales have represented at least 87% of company revenues over the past five years.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Streamlines Production With Custom-Made Work-Positioning Tables

September 10, 2001 7:48 am

Roxane Laboratories, Inc., a Columbus, OH-based manufacturer of prescription drugs, recently added state-of-the-art work-positioning tables to prevent back strain among its production-line employees. Since the addition of seven Roll-On Level Loaders custom-made by last year by the Southworth Products Corp.


The Challenge of Food-Industry Maintenance

September 10, 2001 7:46 am | by Joy LePree, Contributing Editor

Manufacturers of edible products face a diverse world of significant challenges, including stringent government regulations, harsh working conditions and complex equipment that can be difficult to maintain. In the world of manufacturing, every industry has its own set of problems and issues.


Tough Light Fixtures Meet the Challenge of Die-Casting Plant's Harsh Environment

August 8, 2001 11:12 am

Die-casting is a century-old process of injecting molten metal into a steel die under high pressure. The metal - aluminum, zinc, magnesium or copper - is held under pressure until it solidifies into a net-shape metal part. Die casters produce precision and high-strength products at a rapid production rate, from automobile engine and transmission parts, to intricate components for computers and medical devices.


High-Pressure Air Handler Enables Caterpillar to Meet Clean-Room Specs

August 8, 2001 11:12 am

The Caterpillar Lafayette, IN, plant manufactures large diesel engines that power trucks, ships and boats, construction and mining machines. The testing of these engines is done on high-precision equipment in contaminant-free environments. Like the production of computers or chips, engine production requires clean room or clean-area environments to protect parts and machinery against damage from dust and other unwanted air particles.


ISO 14001: A Popular Plan for Environmental Excellence

August 8, 2001 11:11 am | by Stanley Fielding, Contributor

Use of this environmental-management standard has spread dramatically around the world since its introduction in 1996. Now it's catching on in the U.S. Here's why. At one time, companies implemented environmental management systems largely to reduce their exposure to EPA penalties and/or to increase profitability from a new perspective.



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