5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Motor Disconnect Switch

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 9:38am

Dust, water, corrosive chemicals, and airborne particles are severe hazards to many manufacturing and production facilities. Any environment where critical electrical equipment is exposed puts this equipment at risk. This critical equipment includes your motor disconnects and switched receptacles.

Manufacturers and facilities must comply with regulations that require lockout devices to be within eyesight of equipment. In plants that operate in food manufacturing and similar industries, there is no choice but to place those lockout devices in areas where liquid, chemicals, corrosives, and dust are abundant.

Unfortunately, most motor lockout/tagout devices aren’t built for these harsh environments.

Following are five signs users should look for to determine if their motor lockout/tagout device needs to be replaced with a cleaner and safer design:

  1. Clean Design

Is your motor disconnect switch designed to ensure there are no places for water and debris to pool? Is it clean? Is it easy to install? To solve the drainage problems that other enclosures have, look for a generous drainage channel. Some new designs feature a 15-degree sloped roof design. This innovative sloped top ensures run-off of liquids for the cleanest installation.

Furthermore, SPEC Grade Motor Disconnect Switch enclosures provide ample wiring space for easy installation and sealed fixing holes for flush rear-wall mounting. Together with the unique sloped roof, these features make the switch not only clean but also extremely easy to work with.

  1. Materials

Is your motor lockout/tagout device impervious to water, dust, and corrosive materials? To be reliable (and to reduce your replacement costs), your device should be watertight. Some of the best motor disconnect switches are made of 304 stainless steel –designed for the harshest operating conditions. A one-piece punched gasket ensures the seal is both watertight and dust tight.

  1. Safety

Does your motor disconnect switch meet current safety regulations? Padlockable handles are fully compliant with OSHA LO/TO regulations. Switches need to meet all code requirements, and for operator safety, a new patented mechanism on interlocked units assures "No Load" make and break of the plug connected equipment.

  1. Size

Is your motor disconnect switch and receptacle the right size? Motor disconnect switches are offered in multiple sizes of NEMA 4X enclosures, including a small footprint option that’s a super-compact size, value-priced, and includes many of the features of larger options. There is a flexible option for any installation and budget.

  1. Reliability

Do you trust that your motor disconnect switch can get the job done? Industrial environments have specific needs from their switches. They also need to reduce downtime or critical equipment during maintenance. Switches are designed to meet these needs in the harshest conditions by providing reliable and convenient power options in one compact enclosure.

Replacing old or sub-standard equipment with updated and innovative motor disconnects can improve your facility’s safety and productivity while reducing long-term costs. The latest in motor disconnects and switched receptacles are the cleanest and safest solutions for complex environments.

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