Intertech Plastics Completes $2M Investment

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 2:43pm

This article first appeared in IMPO's May 2013 issue.

Intertech Plastics Inc. is a turnkey solutions provider for high speed, high volume injection molding products, and a global leader in injection molded applications for the consumer, medical, and specialty plastics markets. Capabilities include product and graphic design support, engineering & validation, in-mold decorating, screen and pad printing, molding, packaging, assembly, and fulfillment. Press sizes from 55 to 1500 tons using both high quantity commodity resins as well as specialized engineered resins, including elastomeric materials, run 24/7 to deliver customers the results they need.

Intertech started 2013 off in a big way, after the  addition of 2 new Husky 1100 ton high-speed molding presses, related automation, and state of the art centralized chilling system. These moves allow Intertech to support its clients’ needs for high quantity injection molded product production, warehousing, and distribution to the western United States, within a cost structure that keeps Intertech competitive in the global marketplace.

“It’s simple math,” reflects Noel Ginsburg, CEO and President of Intertech Plastics. “When our customers account for their total cost of doing business, we are now very competitive with China and other Asian suppliers. Chinese manufacturers are experiencing double-digit inflation in wages and other manufacturing costs.  Meanwhile we’re investing in our plant, our equipment, and our employees. Combining that with the fact that the American worker is up to three times more productive than their Chinese counterparts means we are competing successfully! Our customers have told us that when they evaluate the total cost of product sourcing, they’re finding they’re better off staying right here in the U.S.”

This total cost of sourcing that Ginsburg refers to looks beyond initial mold and part costs, and includes transit cost for raw materials and finished products, associated assembly and warehouse fees, and consideration of response time to change in demand as well.  “Our customers need us to be able to turn on a dime for them, and the fact that we can provide all the same benefit they were receiving overseas, while doing a better job at maintaining their design integrity and proprietary product lines, with better shipping response times, tells me we’re doing the right things for our clients, ourselves, and our community.”

According to Keith Hamilton, Vice President of Sales for Intertech Plastics, “The main benefactors of Intertech’s new machine investments make consumer plastic products you find in major box stores, including laundry baskets, trash cans, storage containers, phone and tablet cases, and even utensils. Intertech’s ability to bring material in on multiple rail cars, vacuum feed it directly into the presses, then move product directly into trucks on the other side of the press is at the heart of its manufacturing advantage, and why it’s able to maintain a competitive edge in this niche of the business.”


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