TIME's Best Invention Of 2009: NASA's Ares I Rocket

Wed, 11/11/2009 - 9:36am

TIME Magazine has pegged the Ares I rocket, NASA's newest endeavor into space travel, as the greatest invention of 2009. Although the rocket is not yet ready to carry humans back to the moon and all the way to Mars, the October 28 launch proved that the upgraded system is on its way to being the next best hope in stellar travel. The earliest Ares is expected to fly humans is 2014, but we'll have to see if NASA is subject to delays and funding costs. See why TIME made the choice, and take a glimpse into NASA's futuristic approach to some old technology. According to NASA, the new system is ten times safer than our current Shuttle system.

I'll have to go ahead and agree with TIME on this one.

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