Taking Them On, One Weld At A Time

Mon, 10/19/2009 - 12:33pm

In 1972, Time published a special issue of their magazine, devoted to addressing the staus of women in the American workplace. One of the women they spoke to was Janie Cottrell, who had taken a liking to her welding class at school. At the age of 24, Janie couldn't get an interview because no male manager could possibly believe Janie had any talent in welding. Not until she sat down with Georgia's governor was she able to prove her worth, and found a job soon after. So, 37 years later — what's Janie up to now?

Oh, she's just one of a very select group of people at NASA who operate the cranes that delicately pick up the space shuttle when it needs to be worked on. No big deal...

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