A P.U.M.A. Without The Bite

Thu, 09/03/2009 - 4:17am

Check out the Project P.U.M.A — the result of a collaboration betweeen GM and Segway. This self-balancing vehicle blurs the boundaries between cars and bikes to create a product that, according to the company, "values less over more; taking up less space, using less energy, produced more efficiently with fewer parts, creating fewer emissions during production and operation, all while offering more enjoyment, productivity, and connectivity."

To others, it might look a little ridiculous. Small, awkward, dangerous. Like a certain University of Wisconsin — Madison professor who rides a Segway to class, while smoking, anyone who steps into this contraption would likely garner more laughs than praise. But people have always laughed at the trendsetters, before they became trendy...



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