In a global marketplace, local regulatory issues can impact the sale of your product. This is one of the reasons it is important to understand the safety profile of your products and the chemicals that go into them, as well as how local regulations may affect sales.

Your lubrication provider should offer a package of toxicology, environmental, and chemistry testing and consulting services that can help you characterize and understand the safety profile of your chemicals and products.

Your supplier’s expertise can be leveraged to work to your advantage, helping commercialize new products more quickly and cost-effectively.
If your lubrication supplier is a global provider, ask if they can offer product compliance reviews for specific geographies and markets that have strict compliance regulations, such as food contact, cosmetics, or medical applications. Many may already have environment, health, and safety services specifically designed to help clients with common issues, such as:

  • Evaluating, identifying and documenting chemicals requiring registration or volume tracking.
  • Training your staff on technical requirements of specific regulations.
  • Providing regulatory expertise on specific requirements for various geographies and markets.

If your lubrication provider is unable to provide these services, you may be able to achieve greater value by switching to a lubrication solutions provider who can help your company gain the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the global marketplace.

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